That's the author

That’s the author ^

The Phoenix makes an immolation every 1000 years…

Yep. That’s in lore. In scripture, there is something that is the SAME as 1000 years. Any guesses? No? Okay. Well in Heaven 1000 years “is as a day”.

If in Heaven there are phoenixes burning up every DAY, wouldn’t that be neat?? As for rebirth, I have but ONE application. Daily beginning. And I understand a lot of deaths. Going to bed and sleeping is a death. Orgasm is a death. Eating a meal is the death of hunger.

I missspellled “iconoclast” in the title. I think it’s cool to do that. I killed the killer word by desecrating its image. Even now I feel my old enemy the fire spirit of Heaven leading me. I reconciled myself. My feelings were heavy. I drop them. I lift my body against addictivity.

I’ve trained my body. I dislike retraining it. It’s a matter of life and death that I avoid certain drugs. Back in the day, DXM was a tool I used (MDMA) to adjust so many feelings. I do NOT fully regret it. It did almost kill me but I believe on God’s green Earth that fake codeine existed in DXM and someone discovered it. I had a lot, but measured it. I had at least one TIA attack. I was at the sensory deprivation lab checking IN and my consciousness did a roll around.

I feel that because schools lie about drugs THAT I USED in an ANGRY fashion at breakneck pace. 1200mg of DXM costs $4-5 at a dollar store. That is INSANE. DXM is akin chemically to mescaline. Legal. I did not seek the truth. I said, “I’ll be okay.”

It ought to make people wonder if you can erase memories! I did. Oops. I am glad, though. I’m married, grown up, 41 years old… in the last 5 years we had two family deaths, I put myself in a hospital after Sir Robin Williams showed an easy exit method for Me. It made me stronger.

imtiredof writing now… i do breathing exercises like Thich Naht Hahn, he’s Yoda I renounce the shit

the end


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