Bullied In The First Century?

A man was possessed. In the city of Gerontology. I know that is WRONG but read on…

Jesus is said to have transported DEMONS from the Geritol man… into pigs. Jesus was mean?

Sure, why not? YOU eat bacon? He fed Gentiles (not-a-Jews) like BIG time. Thousands. One man is worth more than many sparrow birds. Lord Jesus said this. By his actions he SHOWED… Showeth unto Ye/ us that a man… ONE man, has capacity to hold demons enough to make pigs fly… Down a hill and choose a drowning death.


I bet you (because I believe this story is 1000% true) that the man was suicidal and was waiting for GOD and farted words to the Lord.

“SON OF GOD!!!!”

If you think it’s funny, I do not and suicides are UP and I do not believe in labels or pasts!!! I apply my Bible and I’ll say all you who have faith in Jesus or Jesu, if you are suicidal, consider that HE can still make pigs fly. Demons are real enough or else Syria would not have gases children. Isis would not be reassembly of demons. The CIA probably would need a teensy little bit of change. Yes?

So who has power over suicide? Sui does. You do. We do. But nothing is fixed until we admit:

“The suicidal are enclosed in rage?”

At least if one is gay, picked on, pushed over the limit.

1) Never pick on highly insecure people.

2) If you are gay or otherwise transdifferent, build up your mind while you learn who you are. Anger is NOT something “happy” gay citizens ARE IMMUNE TO.

3) Try, in spite of what YOU or others say, to be realistic. If you believe your life is terrible, and someone else makes you feel crappy- THAT is double-duty and TO ME a catalyst/ cause of anger where  instead of knocking over the Monopoly board… No fair. Bam.

that is why this guy would do it

anger like “fuck you all!”

I was once as a “Christian” in the same psych room as a guy who wanted to make a movie where the girls dress like guys and guys dress like girls. He attempted suicide. Pills. Vodka.

He said “I’m a son of the wolf.”

“Good,” I said. “The moon reflects as we ought to be- lights of Christ. Make your movie.”

so he was moved

I never want to feel like I did that day… Haha

there were possessed folks and its subtle

one man, 20, said he was the anti-Christ and that he lost something or other because he tried not to but masturbated once… Wow. That is evangelschism disorder- he was religiously abused and 86-66ed himself from safety. I have been there. Somewhat. But was he in pain? TMI overload.

I’m an empath in person. It hurt to read:

religious overkill target

forgotten wife

stripper talks about a murder

I called my pastor. He… Showed up. There is too much grief in this world for one man to endure. I say Jesus was killed by it. Mysteriously he understands. On my own, I hate people including me. Nice? If I EMPTY my dish (of mindful space) and think “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…” he heals the sick, sick, sick in me, makes me MORE than a Darwinian beast in man shape (Darwin was very good to animals btw), Jesus gives me my PERSONHOOD.

Often I say “I’m thankful”. I mean it toward Jesus but less mention is more. But to challenge the root of suicide, it is


Yoda might agree that anger can be buried. Frustration about sexuality is the most confusing thing ever. Unless someone directly offends you, I’d steer clear of judging. You could get jail time and become… Someone’s… Never mind.

Last words: never underestimate or undervalue sexual morality (standards). There are non-sexual rewards. If it’s too hard to be moral- does your spirit sin in the flesh?

Do spirits sin?

Do liars tell the truth?

Are you okay with dying someday and are you close to the Lord?

man I used to be a terrible perfectionist. Now I still love the law but this dead body is heavy

I care about the people who have beat themselves up over their intimate feelings. I used to quite severely

i am Andrew


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