I’m A Hater And So What?

“Hate what is evil. Cling to what is good.”   -Romans 12?

“What” that is evil. Whats are not visible. It’s discernment that sees.

I hate “too much texting” in the home. Also, I have no kids. If I did I would let them text. How much is too much?

Tolerance is accepting reality above rules. The greatest reality is my God to me. My Book says “He is ‘The Reality’.”

What about having the meaning of your life be withheld from you? Why know?

What is your value? Ask the attendants at your funeral. Ask a remaining piece of wood with Christ’s DNA on it. Don’t ask the bank, the IRS or people who like what you do.

Hate what is evil. Deadly.

Cling to what is good. Not deadly.

In my opinion, a great evil is imposed on us by self. Over-thinking. I stopped thinking to end anxiety. Pursued relaxing- “Make every effort to enter that rest.” -Hebrews

One time I had a toothache really bad. I watched Joseph Prince. He is a spirit-filled Judeo Christian miracle! His preaching was SO KIND and CHALLENGING TOO, That I sensed the beauty of God, crying away my tooth pain for 15 minutes! Maybe not miraculous?

I believe creation was a miracle and all that followed including YOU! Me, I am a meat popsicle. No, but I strive for an odd gospel of REST. Stillness. Jesus, am I ever close to the gate of Heaven! Christ, the Way must be reeeeally close. I’m on it.

Will you share the way with me? I am a conservative in spiritual things, believe the bible but mostly believe in the ghost of Jesus. Holy Spirit. Same God from one zillion B.C.

Would you be friends with me? I namaskar to the beings in the image of my sweet lord in the mirror and to any body. Pandas too. Honey badgers first. Heaven on Earth. Power of Now? Power of yesterday, today and forever minus my dead past that even today makes me cringe.

Im neither against or for any political party, religion, sex cult, practice of medicine. I’m a Westworld Syncretist. I am hollow. My life is in the Chi Ro.

people like me come in handy

People like you are better than me. Drop your “me” and see. What a trick. Flick a Bic.

Forget me.


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