How Are You??

That is what I said at the check stand to my lady customer…

She looked smooth as a Latina Charlie’s Angel with brunette hair…

She said, “Fine.”

“YESyouARE!!!”, I said immediately.

I had no control! I just BLEW THE TRUMPET!! “Bah!! Bah!! BABE!!” Probably married- what a blubbering CONVO SLUT I was.


So lonely



I told my boss because, well, I thought it was FUNNY

“What?! AndrewNO!”

his words

but ALL OF YOU Internet readers of my “Blah-g”… Do you remember the lady cop from CHiPs? Okay, well the HAIR had bounce!! Seductive HAIR!!

It was my DUTY to pay homage. Heaven’s special garden breezes seized my FORM, spanked my lungs… “OUT!! OUT!!”.

“yes you are”



She didn’t say anything

Oh well

the only thing busted was my heart


I succumbed to further melt down and another woman found me face down

who became my wife…

I am a seeing-eye husband now trained NOT to bark

I have become a dancing bear

Oh well



Please take the time to respond-

What would you like the next story to be:

a) sad story

b) melancholy story

c) tragedy

d) a, b, c

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