The Great Challenge To Have Faith Or Perish

What is physicality, huh?

I have heard so much.

“Believe”: ( ________ )

Oh, you can find an English definition. I noticed something, though…

Fig. A:

believe > (minus “e”) =

“Belive”. Not an English word. It’s an Andruism (mine, ugh) and it means:

“Be and live.”



Act II

If I, Andrew, be and live, what is that? Oh and what would Sahdguru do? (BTW check him out. He is the real Papa Smurf.)


Fig. A (Act II RESET figs.)

be = be

live = live

if I be and live is this enough? Hum? I already be. Biology is my “live”. Oh is it? What do the ancients say? (So close to eternal life! You excited?)

english bible:

“But these things are written…”


hold on!

“… that you may believe that…”

I DO! Oh I DO!!

shhhhhhhhhhhhh… Quiet, Andy.

(ok. Sari.)

johann 20:31 reads:




its okay

johann (not Zohan) 3:16 AG! 20:31 reads:




ESSENTIALLY, if you want him he is there. So long ago all this Roman killing and one crucifixtion does not bother even the devil’s own. Don’t believe in a devil? The word written says Jesus is who to have faith in. The case for faith in the devil as saviour existeth NOT! Yet the devil is the devil.

botch! Too many words.

Old Testament:

“No longer will a man instruct his neighbor ‘know the Lord’ for “they” will all know me…”

I cannot count the “theys”… But I can tell you where they are.

in one person

so belief is hiding, refuge in



someone wrote me that they felt they did not believe. I was almost like sure they pretty much did believe… and she is a great person…

For the TOO-WILD they feel freedom and for the TOO-STRICT they are jealous

There was a prodigal son and a brother

Ask your father for a feast, GOOD brother. BAD brother, you are family… Come home… Come home…

Real freedom is based on the faith to be and live in jesus…

“in him we LIVE and move and have our BEing.”





(that is everywhere except Asia. Do I have to write all his names? There are other names, same being)

johann chapter 1



Way to go, “WordPress”! He is “the word”, are you pressing him???


almighty god

Prince of peace

entrusted with judgement

the lamb


You might think it is awful he was crucified. Killed. And if mother bears GALLOP toward those who handle THEIR son, will God? Mother bears do not SEND their cubs into danger. So a baby bear could easily kill a lamb- Jesus is the lamb of god … Exactly!!

All these magazines at the grocery store say:

“how to get your man revved up,”

“101 ways to bird your bees”

and sometimes…

“how to make your man vulnerable”

The most high being became vulnerable- Johann 3:16-17 says





For HE did NOT come into the world to CONdemn the world…


……………….but to salvage the whole (flipping) world THRU HIM.

flip is repent

so if you pent, keep doing THAT

AM I being funny? No. Pent- as in penatant or

old testament:

“humble yourself in the sight of the lord.”

I personally like to get alone outside and breathe in case I start to speak a prayer like looks good in a movie


I personally think I am not very good at life, but “w/e”… I have my life and hope.

(I really tried to avoid commonly preached verses. John 3:16 is quoted WITHOUT verse 3:17 ALL THE TIME, I hate it. I also tried to avoid being religiously annoying. You all have heard ” believe + repent” probably, so I did what a good writer does and explain what it means TO ME. This is not about happiness, feeling good- all of which I strive for like everyone else that I write on this topic.  It is for reassurance for those reluctant to join a visible movement and so all things Jesus sound ridiculous. The man of sorrows is my one sad guru, please nobody paint silly pictures of him! Heh heh.


Andrew Harrison lives with his wife and zero kids or pets in Oregon, USA. He has (at least) a 3rd grade education, is sort of autistic and was handed a Bible to memorize resulting in DSI or deep scholastic insanity. He now lives by the Spirit.


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