Relativity Is Time Honored

It IS time itself!

emotions TAX our study of time. Time is painful to even THINK of.




cruz wires

cruz wires

cruz wires

cleaned up and new

from the kore

you can take drugs to get there

“be still and know that I am God”

Eckhart Tolle’s followers keep coming to me to reconcile with Eckhart. I call him Uncle Mikey. I’m a nihilist now. Blasphemy!!


Uncle Mikey wants to be Buddha AND Jesus it appears. He does not DIS on Jesus but no public statement that Jesus is Lord in what he says. Gosh in my upbringing (Non-denominational) we were upperclass holyfire Holy Spirit and FAKING the Spirit, too. I had a disease and was kept from treatment. My physician father HID my disease. Fear. Fear. Oh scary hereditary angioedema? How about scary ABANDONMENT.

I’m not sure with my


2mental wellness being low

3ongoing lack of pain control

well, I will do anything to get out of suffocation. There is a chance now 25-33% that I will die of throat closing. One way to be sure that 2 minutes of HELL never HAPPENS would be to do a,b,c to abort now. I really have met ALL my life aspirations in many ways. Yee haw. Do you think God allows freedom?

I’m not currently suicidal. It feels AWESOME to be here now. In my city we have 6+ bridges and I’d like to jump off all of them. Not too high. I want to die in a plane crash. I want to survive the crash but have my legs severed. While dying, I tell the police I am CIA. I say: bravo, tango, cash” and watch in dying amazement as they don’t believe me this time. They are fucking BLESSED to see a happy death.



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