There Is A Trinity In Hinduism, But Not In Christology

Hindu: 1, 2, 3 persons who are gods.

Christ of Bible: he is one person,  in oneness with the father and he is uncreated from the beginning… entered creation- AND there is the Holy Ghost, so father, son and Holy Ghost plus the Bride of Christ makes FOUR. But is she with he in unity? Now and Eternity?

“Trinity”… not in the Bible. “Family” yes. Father yes. Son yes.

How’d God exist as a father and Son?!?

No wife? Israel? They came later. Foreordained.

“Israel” is how God sees a believer in Jesus. That is significant, and maybe I am just a little fig tree that could.

Water, ice, liquid, vapor.

Deity, father, son, spirit.

“Marry” into the family? No- ADOPTED. Married. God’s child. Jesus’s bride. Please do not touch me like Bono, Jesus, because THAT would be hell.


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