Super Myth!

In the year “-20 zillion”, Babar made a blob. Babar is popular in France, you know. An elephant. Okay, uh huh! Babar was once Doo-lay-derr The Monocyte- a blood cell from Shay-no-no the world of Whatsit.

From here, the books of Ho-dee-do are written. Rules? Yes. These:

no hamburgers

dress like a girl

No meat at all

no sex, EVER

GOAL: misery and ending the planet.


You will need:

a shovel to dig your death meditation chamber

a banjo for the airport

a tazer to discipline your Jo-Jo-boo until the nerves die and you ascend

ascending, you realize that saké is EASIER

YOU CONVERT AGAIN to Samuraism! Kill kill kill!



hey hey hey



Cult of Personality Brown Hornet on crystal meth

(trust him not)

the end


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