I Find Missing Persons

I’m calculative and I have a method for finding even VERY long-lost relatives! I found my wife’s blood family in Illinois and it was strangely easy. I made calls.

When you make a call, you have a LEAD.

A call is the “make or break” shake n bake maneuver. But let’s focus on how to get a lead. Take all legal names of bio-parents. Don’t be emotional- work it! This is what I had for Rose’s family:

  1. private investigator gave up 15 years prior, his info was partial. That “partial” was name, ethnicities, cities… So I took the name (L.R.W.) and city in Illinois and used ALL MANNER OF GOOGLING. I found a possible relative in the small town.
  2. That Podunk small town has a library, and we inquired. They had microfiche still- with fun arrest stories on her DAD. That lead energized the hunt. You have to stay entertained!
  3. Found the BROTHER. He died at age 78 AFTER I talked to him. His name, “Robert W.” Was in the directory. I figured 1-5% chance he was related. So I called him. He answered the 3rd time. He was old! Well he said, “Oh yes… My brother’s wife WAS LEBANESE.” That is statistically not likely to be FAKED! Robert started to refer to Rose as family and said:
  4. “She has a brother. Sister works at Walgreens.”
  5. So in that town I google Walgreens. (I learned both parents are dead. A sister and brother are not bad.)
  6. in that town there were two Walgreen’s.
  7. I called the wrong one. Then I called the one I wanted and said when they ANSWERED:
  8. “Hi. Is Cindy there?”
  9. “Cindy from cosmetics?”, he asked. It was even ONE in the morning! She was not there. He said:
  10. (playing into my hand): “you wanna leave a message?”
  11. I said, cordially, “why thank you, yes. Tell Cindy her family in OREGON called. My number is (000-000-0000).” Private. You won’t find ME! Hahaha lol ayyyy.
  12. She called NEXT DAY.
  13. half-sister.
  14. she was wondering WHO on EARTH was calling.
  15. soon, pictures, photos etc were mailed. Her Dad was rugged. Navy SEAL where in that day called UNDERWATER DEMOLITION.
  16. Turns out it was a bad home. The birth mother fled the marriage. The Dad was randy and had altogether like 8-9 kids.
  17. we want to meet but we are not rich to just fly and get a hotel, rental car, but we OUGHT TO!!

So if you need help and was adopted, I can help. Don’t blame me if you get caught up in meeting a weird family! You have to act aloof but kind when “sorta” asking strangers to violate HIPPA or throw away common sense and say Like:

“Cindy in cosmetics at Walgreen’s #1002 works the day shift in Yodoolio, Illinois 64502.”

But I was a communications major. Anyway… I can hunt people. Quite proficiently. I have no fee.



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