Red Rain

Reject the uncornered stone...

Reject the uncornered stone…

So high in the sky of me-

I do a double-take.

Thoughts in the mind-

Seem real-

Perhaps they double-fake the

The Mind On High-

Like a razor-rake.

I Do have the time-

But I don’t wanna have the

time… to bear up… the Nothing… inside

West Coast goes-

Crazy for The Buddha…

Detatchment seems okay, sure…

It’s a sword running thru YA!

Like SAUL who fell willingly-

Put a blade in Vena Cava…

Put a big shiv in him…

he blew it.

Well maybe your meditation-

(All alone)

Seems like a happy and seems like a home.

I did a whammy drug long time-

I almost named it Jesus…

What do I think of God… If he doesn’t seem to PLEASE us?

What if I told you-

That I was called to service- not a sweaty C&E.

Do you know what I mean?

I don’t need a magic bean, or SIX- to rise to Giants on a stalk, my sin was found on a cross, so, hahaha giant lives in me- check out the TENT so Pygmy… Opened by Bugs Bunny? Well whatever I don’t know, but open the door and then it’s huge inside!-

I don’t want to know myself, I know “Thyself” in thee…

Who am I writing for?

I’m trying to teach me.

Easter is a time for white hats- barbeques and eggs… What’s up with that?


I get bit by an electric mosquito, feels like a mojito… I CULT my personality like a Hiro Hito in response to what the hey… I do not want to be a victim, again and again each day…

I call upon someone they don’t care about-

Do I doubt?

How about another question

Before I’m dead.

And down I lay…


Is just another number…



Winging life?

King’s X wife

Life Israel

Life is real

So I’m peeling then I’m done

My West is lost

They say it’s won

It was won by gun

That’s no fun!

Movies make gore groovy, but each man is BODY

Peter sliced an ear

But Jesus made it reappear


Lobe, conch, rook

What power it took to reattach?

Jesus is risen

I’m free at last

I have the power!

Final hour?

Isn’t their sin in a CHRISTIAN?!

Yeah. Power of indecision-

On what to call them self.

I call myself flesh and lucky to be in the book of life on the high shelf.

Or any shelf

I am blazed by-

Medical marijuana.

I got some, no it’s out-

Too messed up to take one bus to refill it now

In time I will get thing that I have needed

What guides me now

I have no clue

If I think, though, more expansively- I can see Jesus-

Jesus is you

Small child thirsty

Have a drink

cold cup of water- will I be rewarded?

It doesn’t matter what I think! There is a reward in the lord of lords on lords and lords…

There is you and you

You, you, you, you

I could tell you the gospel but you gotta tie your own shoe

Boy girl


AND on and on through all ranks

We will stand like equals

In the line at Revelation judgment tanks-

No thanks?

I thought he insisted!

That he will judge ALL?

The first time he really missed it

Was crucified and died and on that first day rose again

That is the good news

He bore our sin

Took it farther than the East coast to West coast

No one can blackmail you again!

Believe it, adjust, repent- it’s a must!- not optional to stop, unless you want to live so as to die…

Then all those books

Sixty plus books

4000 or so years

Accounting reality, flood and tears…

you can call him whatever

In spirit he is the same

Death is no joke

But if God heals the lame?

Pine and acorn

His plan is for you

I’m speaking to me

I’m sharing with you

Via blog.

now I’m breathing like Thich

in not too long

I’ll be out like a switch.

Why must we die?

We don’t have to.

Not today

to heaven small and great are the same

My life is way unfair, but I don’t care. It’s more than I could expect…

I will not doubt- that all these words are like a down-and-out…

and so I sleep

Am I right or am I wrong?

Go ahead and hit the gong on me

I will find he is risen

I will go THERE

IN time

I will be completely free

Like my F.I.L. and others who are friends and family

I’m tired, but hard wired-

And when each day is through

Deep inside, past my many faults, I find eternity is for me and you…

And He has always been



the same.

Accept Jesus

serve his name.

Or waste away and eat your BLAME

but it won’t go away

your life will be the same

It’s agony- growing up Evangelical, reading that predestiny is done.

But I believe in Jesus we are won.

What at do you believe?



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