The Death Of “Me”

Abeauty? Just be a nice honey and we will love on you! I just sexted everyone! And I don't feel guilty. I must be a psychopath-mo

A man reflecting. Literally. Mind fully… Or not so fully… There.


I would consider Eckhart Tolle to be an expert on dying and suicide. YouTube him if you wish. His tone says it all. More so his testimony:

“I thought I could not live with myself any longer.”

As if the one God put the twist on him to blossom he nearly immolated himself in FEAR but was SAVED. He offered himself as akin to death AND life and was assisted!

Not as much quoted:

“A voice said:”

And I forget. It WASN’T MY life. But I feel it is! His constituent Carrey says we are all connected and “love yourself” as the first priority. Kiddo Christians somewhere slap a bible shut and say:

“No! Love GOD first. Then your neighbor.”

Why not ALL of that? How about none of it?! How about nothing on a nothing sandwich? Anti-hunger Siddhartha would LOVE a plate of nothing and no plate because he passed on. Is he dead?

Imagine Buddha as a man. One man. No following. Jesus said that all who came before him are liars. Who could come before the king of kings? Buddha, SSiddhartha… Eckhart, his born name. We construct selves in our being but perhaps also devotion to seeking truth or claiming a savior.

I have been very precisely close to standing where breath is removed. Evil of rations of one act that can be empathicly calculated to be worse and more painful than being in the field near a Czar Bomb. Why is suicide painful for others? God himself heats up ideations we carry that are TOO attached. Attach and detach are MEANINGLESS. Siddhartha is history’s best “Tony Robbins”. Did the idea of Buddha mislead all?



Who cares?

I put my ego to death lots this year. Eckhart was right! When suicidal kill “the self” and be. Without effort. One catch, Mr. Tolle. I have a painful body going back 100s of years geneticly. I have hereditary angio-edema. One of the most painful diseases. So I make lemonade from napalm. Actually it’s concentrate. I have enough lemon to me for all of England’s tea. And Arnold Palmers on ice with a fun umbrella. My empathy lever is broken. I stay in and wear only bold clothes to look strong. There is no problem for me with Eckhart. I even hear his words on the I am within. He does not say he is the great I am. He casts aside the way of the cross. Which cross? Only one works for me and it was taken down over 1950 years ago. Strange tradition to wear an execution device. You could almost say there was The Sermon On The Cross- see that good is not granted all so easy. Taken for granted, God is personal in a deistic, preacher-avoiding world where many loudly clam out “Go to church and get saved. Repent.”

Fellowship is in buildings, sure. Isn’t a household a community? What about all of everybody you meet? Do they all matter? I have conviction that everybody matters but not every ONE because some “ones” are no good so and so’s. They are forever banished. Read the fire book. I believe in forcible removal of evil. I also believe in fields drinking in rain and still making a good crop. Heck, if nothing else a human being is a windmill.

“In with the in breath. I am breathing in.”

That is Thich Naht Hahn style identity retrieval and grounding. He is zen Buddhist. He had a stroke. Christians- pray for him. He is Yoda. It’s okay to pray. Or not.

I really do like these masterful men! Remember David Carridine Kung Fu the legend continues? Grand Master is what I wish God looked like. I suppose in my imagination I correlate the white hair, wisdom and calm to be what I read of Christ. But I do not call him that, I call him:

*Still breathing in. And out.*

He is called by the spirit in me. “I need” is almost there, but I am caught, master of mastery in zeroes and ones or really it’s me who is binary zeroes and he is the only one. The only son and there are many “sons”… I am one of them, and so are you? In simply breathing, the YHWH cry is heard. Are we not powerless to jump to heaven? What about killing the body and finding out? Well first think that it’s going to hurt your chances of doing anything more because you retire to God. No more lives on Earth. Nope. One. He is one. On Earth, people are distinct. In heaven, no distinction or bias. Suicide hurts at least one body and one who does this will never kill again. Maybe it’s not worthy of news. If there is news about children hurt, I change stations. I think I could only share this.

“Seek and you shall find… The truth shall set you free.”

-J.C. ~29 A.D. or so


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