American Confetti

.. preferably miss because in this scene you will be naked. Abeauty? Just be a nice honey and we will love on you! I just sexted everyone! And I don't feel guilty. I must be a psychopath-mo

… Schizo-rift-ic! A syvvys in me? It is FILLED. I am free. Politely ENTERING me- a ray of dawn. Please kill the memory, God, of you losing me… I’m found? No I was killed. The old me passed away. Like gold and orange leaves of this world. Namaste, pilgrims for light.

Elizabeth Smart. Jaycee Lee Dugard. Michael Reagan.

Jesus Christ is our savior and Lord. If we do not believe in him, well how did we stay alive except on the train of his robe down the beach… Claw marks in the sand. It is hard to turn over an addiction to women. But actually the devil may have made me do a number of thinks in life, but I KNOW THIS ONE WAS 100% not me? What man ACTUALLY GOES TO CHURCH thinking HE will make boys/ girls HIS. And each criminal varies.

I was super lucky. One trip once. I doubted my sexuality. Made me more sure. I’m a… I’m a… Man. Andrew. Means, “Shadow warrior”. I fight not for the flesh but to find my HOME forever.

Three famous people with an American story of surviving criminal sexual abuse I mentioned above… I like Michael’s story. My mother actually bought me his book. I’m dyslexic but I read in in 8 hours, skipping sleep.

I dabbled in being suicidal. I study the body and resistances. Trying to callous my senses. I’m so jump that on vacation the towel guy started opening the door. I barked at him. Not a fun thing to be too tough. I always regret yelling. I have HAE so PTSD is 3? 3 times as hard.

HAE is a fatal blood disease. It activates neck swelling. I am on life saving Meds. Other than that I have martial arts (Wu Wei) skills. Others that are self taught. Like how to talk to policemen at night. Angels showed me how in my mind. What emotion to show, what persona (iH-50^|||) to use.

Mind Angels

Mind Angels are from the mind of Christ. If not from that name then the heart of Jesus. There is only one “great” way to live- to live in sight of a fiery saviour who carries hell. Partnering with God is like giving in to your enemy. God himself is your enemy if you read this and support or laugh at rape and being confined. I was. In Marion County Oregon. In a tent for a week. Allowed to be out. But I chose to stay in there. What he did to me was not church love. He is free, Michael Reagan– what do you do??! Does he continue to do this?

Truly said, I lived. I went catatonic. It was sexual and violent. I was teased and tortured, mocked by demons who observed I was not close to Daddy. I thought it felt good. But I stayed mindful. He made me take my clothes off for a check for ticks.

I was afraid to die of what the ticks carried. I trus-


It wasn’t me.

I just wrote it, though. I’m still afraid of shadows, loud preaching, fights, televised violence…

My legal name is Andrew Harrison. Whether right or wrong, THIS too DID pass. Much less often do I recall. Meds and therapy I have.

I talk like this.

Yes. Yes I do. Just like I write. Boring. I don’t want to stick out. But I might wear a bear suit and skip someday in the twilight. I like bears.

American confetti:

The lost children in the USA. Represented by confetti pieces. Pray by throwing it to Jesus, Lord of all.


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