I Saved The Life Of The Mayor Of Milwaukie

there was a scuffle

the “counsel” time went on

i never knew a door to choose

every door was dumb

In my mind a speaking

about the Zoo trooper who

attacked  me in SE Portland

with… a tuba! Not legally

but he scared the shit outta me


F. is a singer. He will sing of all the precious times the Lord came to save him. I believe! Not kidding.

i am almost completely SAVED “away”, F.C. I have been ill. Can die. Jesus is the forgiver of the “us”. In us who are called.

Time to get ready for Boston. My Boston home was bombed by a unibrower. He bombed mayo into are yard and called it USDA CHOICE cut macaroni in my hat and call it a feather. Then burn the feather because it’s gay. Soft. Nice. No! It’s not. Not what? I don’t know.

I only take directions from “Thyself”

its like Jesus inside without poking you in the butt graphic huh dig it?

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