A Poem For A Gay Man Who Is So Fine Named Oscar

This is as close to a gay love poem as I will ever make. I thought I’d add HERE and THERE to adapt a hetero man love story to a homeo man love story. There are differences. The root is damn near the same- not being left alone by a leader or peer…

Andreas Y Yo

If it made a difference…

i would have touched my lips

to his

he was dressed so nice in the


I went home, screamed inside.

the sun light betrayed my death

now I was dying

none of it made sense

i loved him

i saw his face often at work

i loved each moment

he was fun

and he was funny

to call that gay is like calling a

puppy gay

or a mountain gay for

being too small

my Andreas…

Lost in the river

what pieces of that horror of

breathing water raw may I



GOD show thy subjects of flesh

and bone what love is…

God said:

“What is love?

baby don’t hurt me

dont hurt me no more…

WHAT is love??

Baby don’t hurt me

don’ hurt me no more!!”

you heard him

quit hurting God’s image

by stopping breaking hearts!

kiwi! MANGO! Andreas!!!!!!!!!

the end


So you see…


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