Gold and silver

I don’t really give a crap about capitalizing anything anymore I don’t really give a crap about the English language rules as far as I’m concerned when I’m the writer I rule

And in that there is a responsibility to entertain a healthy feeling of wonder blitzen and also make you feel like Blitzen, after having lots of snow when  and also make you feel like Blitzen, after having lots of snow on your nose…  And stuff

To get high, comma,  on life ?  Go for you Nancy Reagans.  Even a chubby little 13-year-old boy could be a Nancy Reagan,  but if you call him chubby he will kick your ass sideways come Sunday Tuesday Wednesday morning . Yes. Fear me.  I write like a shirt that says it all…

DYPTR  Romeo and Juliet Elder Abuse story. Not popular? Try-

Disc 33

Jesus and 12 IDIOTS

Oh my gosh. First I want to disqualify myself as a good Christian because I am high on drugs right now. Which? Legal poor man’s crack X tract. Heard of it? Check out how I write on drugs:

Jesus and 12 idiots


by A. harrison

early on Jesus brought himself as of yet unnamed as he was a zygote floating through the fallopian tubes of Mary.  Mary Mary quite contrary how does your virginity grow. Absurdity is with the in the form of an amazing virginity.  People like to say that virgin birth was amazing. I’m sure the Jesus will say that his mother was amazing. He made her. As a fetus he could inspect the creation FIRST HAND.


In a womb in a woman in a dying world….. And Zygote man little man J Key Ryest Uhh! Is in a zygote boogie seat. In the womb things are soft like uterine walls are furniture. Heat is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! I would be freaking mortified as a full grown adult to be compressed into a jar, but as a flower of a small being…. Honestly looks like a RAT… We start.

jesus started as a pip- a dot

so do we

What if we just will never know if things are okay for eternity because- you’d have to be strong not to worry

We are in control of our strength and how strong we can be- what if it doesn’t matter.

This is where utterly defeated people kill themselves.

I don’t believe in winning or losing.

Except one day I die and I have found my insanity to be THE most helpful teacher.

i am we are this world is insane. Also God loves it, so I think he looks like a rocker unloading guitars for a Led Zepplin concert.

God is the petra-maker

God gave rock and will to you.

put a soul in everyone.

the x of the King

do unto



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