Darth Universe Father’s Oral Discertation

Yes. Found on a digital record. Right. Uh huh. Just listen. It begins scratchy and pretty soon you will be listening to yourself listening.

All the World is already full of light. It is a decepticon (human) voz that throws man into more searching for what is ALREADY in his/her possession.

Discertation that we hear all day DRAGS us down- “Work, work…”

Says the Darth of Star Inumeri:

You (all) were born in a body.

what is a body for? Pleasure, pain, punishment. PAIN.

your Siddhartha said to avoid pleasure and pain to avoid suffering.

I tell you, suffer.

the pleasure was a candy coating to following me…

I am the Darth Reality.

I slay and mince with the light saber from my face. My WORD will execute you most sweetly.

See? Light saber cadurizes or however the hell you spell cadurizes- I’m not looking it up.

I am on MY space station. I’m not dead. Well, cawderizing is kindness!

Prepare to be ruled. The Empire come the to Earth from EPISODE IV…

It will be just as you wissssshed! Darth will be your daddy.



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