a body and head are an exclamation point upside down dead

isn’t it really too FLASHY?

Do Americans raise their kids to immolate themselves? YES! In our culture men and women marry at age 30. In Rome 13 was common. Parts of the planet are really weaker than others.

Try thumb wrestling:

ZULU vs. Special Forces UK

Zulu wins because he cheats by spitting a death dart at him while wrestling. Dies. Dead. Done.

This world needs no more multicultural clatter. We need borders and forget sneaky people- sneaky and be patient we love you too, Pedro. But nations are like FLAVOR, Man! UNSTIR the WORLD! I bet there is a lost tribe of blue skinned drummers like smurfs, blue male groups, blue cop by mail box with gun, yo, but no bullets because cops disarmed 30 years ago. The world is fake. Go to bed you ANIMALS!


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