One Size Flips An Awl, Somehow?

Tantalized by sensory overload music and perfume horny then numb horny then numb, I regress

I wake in the morning with no Yoni to partner with. Lingham is beat up by big brother.

please… move along

please do not… sing our song

Buckley Jeff’s lilac wine must have been Aunt Thelma and her thick necked boxing girls for German Day.

Never mind, Kurt- you actually DID hate yourself and wanted to die. How could we not SEE that? Celebrities may have less people to confide in.

I don’t know. I was suicidal today. A great excuse for suicide. A building is crooked in a real city. Man handcuffs himself to the Pisa post until there is an answer. Or, worse- he handcuffs and shoots himself with a note about the building being unsafe. Protest. Immolation. These would be best done not burning. Is the value of human life just to be protected and not used and destroyed as in war?

A warrior could choose to immolate without fire. It’s making people gag. Human immolation in FLAMES is the most horrific thing to behold.

It is death, melting, a child-like person lost- even if elderly. It is also heat and flash and such a display (as Christ died from asphyxia) maybe the most comfortable way to die as a sacrifice that matters is in WILLINGNESS to live and lose TIME. Death is not like a wedding. Maybe it should be made to be as fun as one. Someone said “Love is forever.”

it it is why I do not kill myself ever though thoughts on it arise, I am convinced- to share with YOU out there on WordPress blogs visited.

I am a real person. I can also lose it all, decide to jump off a bridge. Not my idea of a way to God, but people are dumb and useless to eachother. Are we dumb to God?

Ah! I will just say GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD. Not sure why. Lil Mac Daddy Jesus in the Holy Spirit just condoned ME! I FEEL IT!! Blessedness. White hair Jesus he can be a Brother or Man of China or a Banana Kracker White “E”, biatch slaps his diggity bride and they will do WHAT?

Jesus and the Bride will be like Roger Moore and his pick-up-chick in a pod. Thick with world love. Nothing weird. Jesus may appear a little gay like Grizzley Addams but that’s probably it. The Bear. The Cubs.

Can one be spiritually seduced?



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