Yes, read about people’s LIVES whether on a page in a mag, a BOOK (not extinct yet) or even IN PERSON.

ask YE people about themselves! Show interest in others…

in all likelihood YOU will have no biography written about YOU except people quoting how you would stand on one foot and fart, or were really dear and sweet and ROSES are strewn about and CHILDREN are crying as if the Ice Cream Truck crashed.


Can you SEE me? The World cries “love me”. Bah! It’s PEOPLE that matter. I suppose if the ice cap is melting that is important because (BACK again!) PEOPLE need ice caps. A whole planet is too much, but the Coda is always for people to love PEOPLE… Not just themself and a grey cat named Neo who is fat. THAT is MY biography.

now- go away!

i never said I’m nice

im nice



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