Wander Lust

says Satan dressed as a human priest in appearance

oh thanks



Redefine it!

“holding on”- my hands are gone…

“thinking positive”?- Addicted to it. I make £200,000 SRs of serotonin a MONTH!

so I think of bottle, joy, gin… The lonely man’s lone state… I will experience from here:

everrests bliss, Sky anywhere you see it, dARK of night, town lights, girls dressed up for kareoke. I thought I was better. Well……. Yes, yes I am. A pretty voice.

but this moment is beyond death by being breath-wind

our body is an instrument

light on a flute I recall now sitting in therapy torcher! Damn this small room! Humid.

heh heh


Yes              No-yes

(circle one. Bobby likes Frannie! Frannie wants YOUR BALLS!)

pardon me, I meant “sus beisbols!”. The kids like to crack a ball bat with their “friends” more now. Hah. It’s true.


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