Gold Field Freedom

Golden fields are real and crisp in a dream.

I made UP many words OF and FOR the one righteous man that existed among men.

Mind, mind the Reaper as you sleep. He can take you any time I suppose.

you WERE the keeper of Harry

you keep his daughter who belittles me

Why? Why am I hated?

Cain and Able syndrome.

she would maim me

beginning and end as a theory of completion…

I need not commit suicide though my wife Rose is hating me or life with me.

I’d also like to thank alcohol in moderation, tobacco, 0.5 million mg of DXM (2014) measure precisely for medical use

She screams at me for using it. It prevents a lot of pain and depression. So MUCH pain occurs

I conclude ………..


………. That no conclusion is necessary.

in fact,

conclusion with an

argumentative spouse is impossible.


Anybody it is impossible.


Anybody is possible





Now… Did YOUR mind CREATE off of my words?

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