Red Rum For BROTHER!!!

Damnable murderous souls

killers die!

a light bulb sound fumbling in pitch dark to turn it ON hurry it’s annoying!

flickering light in the barn. Could have been a nice world. It’s OVER

_______ _______

Tater and Grim had my brother. July 2nd, 1925.

Tied him with metal wire to a truck front bumper. Started to light him on fire, burned half his body. Put it out with a towel. Same wet towel used to play a game of “waterlogged”.

He was the father of a 2-month old. Mother died in the flooding of Hudai.

He was left with a Samurai short blade, tied to the truck still for his ties to the Wu Wei Tao… Expected to kill himself to regain balance of honor.

Yet, instead when the lugs came back  to talk to him more, he had freed himself,  sharpen the knife, ate two meals,  stretched did three push-ups and 10 sit ups and as he said that he sent back into the truck to appear to be still bound and use his ears to pick up on any sound of them approaching


Quick report:

two heads that are severed DO sound like coconuts on the back of Brother’s motorcycle

dont fuck with my brother


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