Officer J.C. Salvador

he is the rescuer



he released his spirit in the Spring of 33 like Israelis STLL do in the beautiful land!

want to see Jesus as a Floridian cop around Disnet WORLD?? (Children say YAY!!). And… He has GREAT effing abs and nice butt.

(only teacher Rose in the back can relate to if an ass is grab able. She’s a hussy.


(As a cop) he doesn’t like being touched! We HURT him before and we will all pay!!! Hahah… Maybe.

jesus as a cop shaved his beard and head. He does not want to look like a Muslim pedophile, like from Pakistan, nor a Sihk or a Onmirrorin of an Aba, not an Afghannhfgfa… If you don’t follow, I made up the last 3 as palidrimic MOCK-Wows.

jesus would stand on a lake in Central Park and yell “FREEZE”

the water froze around his feet

it only wanted to obey


jesus officer at 911…

as the terrorists flew obviously nervous

i CAN see the pilots are Arabic.

my data shows this was that brainwashed family I spoke wth in 1955

names: Abdul Arkar, Shin Daarthur

iranian, Tibetan


Jesus in a blue ninja uniform puts his hand out to stop it.

but he was One Universe UP



The Master undoing the evil here MAY include time travel. The thing to look if you hope to spot them is that they talk to you with reference to sideways meanings and if you turn away, she is gone as if hallucinating.

Do any of you hallucinate TOUCH?

Traumatic touch of an evil happens first in the ears… Then body, then eyes. I don’t have the best eyes or ears so I picked up the Spirit of my abuser’s childhood. That was before 1990. I was 15 and let no felony touch happen. But was detained. Detained for hours, left in a tent. I was in shock BAD. Someone helped me. ME, and one pretty girl smiled at me 4hours After the crinme was deemed multiple sex abuse. I’ll take it.

No, I am not done. The jerk criminal  poked 2.1″ AWAY from my anus. He pulled in a way that jiggled my front genitals a bit. Give him the minor rape prize! The muther defunker FOUND away to TORTURE ME! I could not deal with that. 9 years later thought of suicide.

Also I went catatonic. The man who WAS the abuser who I previous pursued in legality – I gave up, but now he lives right HERE again. 15 miles away. Brother has been spontaous about thinking ______ should PAY. Why would I take that scums money probably made by selling home porn? He always had a camera.


name: ___ _____

Nice, huh? Saves everyone. Literally.

time, blood, sweat


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