Bill Liam Woodruff


he goes by Liam.


In the years near the reign of Flavius and Julius Caeser, a man gained more aptitude, favor and THEN altutude.

his name in files is “33-boy”.

“33” I called him. And do. And many other names are crowns upon him. Maybe he wears his believers…

the names that Can Not save you from eternal WOE:

fred flintsone

Robin Hood





The inventor of bottled water      (is handy, tho, yas?)

Siddhartha (did not come from Space… Born in uterini! (Buddha does not really live. 33 does after dying!)

chester Cheetah





WHO saves YOU?

33 is JC and lives in you after his death and ascent post mortum. Hard to steer if you are dead without a Gepetto!

Who is our Gepetto?:

our gepetto

who Art in heaven

holy is you name…

your kigdom come on Earth

your will be done here as it is above

bless his masterful name


Gepetto is like our father, turning LIFE out of wood. Our children come from what mommies EAT- it’s mostly from farm dirt, seeds-


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