Indescribable Butt-squish Pleasures

I don’t ask my neighbor if he has booty sex with his wife. Who cares. Jerry, your Eva is a bitch, she’s yours and a hot Russian. That’s a new American flavor for buy-me marriage

is that it is too dramatic?

why do people hate drama??!

drama is gay dust from heavenly pits to make every time in life drink down ok or whatever


there is no gay or strait but a christ man equalizes in his love to accept all truths and venture only to judge the world in accordance to what is due to Her. Terra- should be the prefix, my beautiful school friend Terra, who realizes I may be crazy!- ha, she is in my mind. Not every day like Abraham Lincoln, but enough to say I feel there is to be a huge spiritual awakening on the planet sometime soon.

People say, “revival” “second coming”

we we don’t deserve to have a real heaven bow to us from our imagination, or TV

it it seems that is the future,

There won’t be a need for comic books at all. Someday people may assemble as Darth Vader senator sons of bitch Padme fun buns

hacking with laser law

united states of America

population 1 Billion

World population who knows



Read the following…

if if you are a Hollywood agent and you see that your young actor is acting strange in the studio waiting with green shoe that light for audition

reply if that is you if you want I will charge you for a “miracle” like in Chaucer’s Tales.

paying a gorilla to be your friend is called counseling. I like female counsellors because it feels like a date. No food. Charm. Trust. You can dress nice for them.

Sounds psycho ? I’ m married. My wife jives with the idea


1st Indrus 4:56 ( Übergiytda)


that above?

that is the transliteration of a smell


well, at least I try


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