Nothing Is Free Except My (5 New) Invention Ideas Here Worth Millions For Go Joes

This is a picture of me at age NOW.

This is a picture of me at age NOW.

Just 5 ideas. Not 10. And these are free. And this is because patent process is too arduous for me!

1) French Javanator

Simple. Cup with screw on mesh lid. Microwave to brew coffee fast with lid off!

2)  Movie Trackers

A Flat screen plays the movie (you search channel) because you don’t want to miss in the bathroom. A camera videos the movie in an agreement with Hollywood regulations as a fun idea promo.

3) Whap Mop

Simple towel marketed as simple mop that is machine washable. Operated by employing FOOT. A drying towel comes with. Easiest way to mop when there is no mop and people hate stinky mop on stick. This mop folds when dry.

4) Flavored Floss

Flossing is important. Flavors help the task like cotton candy, bubble gum, hot chocolate, steak & potato, enchilada, Snickers. Why not?

5) Think Tank Kit

A kit including book on how to be more inventive. Wow. By ME. It helps one invent a never ending number of thingies and adaptations for penniless punks and moms. I have not written it. I am too busy.


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