If’ you be tubing a wave, see Jai Breisch from Utah- he has surfed the biggest wave of all. Legendary Jai body surfed the two-thousand four Thailand wash-out and lived it thru without a doubt. See “Jai Breisch” on Facebook now. He might even respond to you. He is:

Thailand Big Kahuna

That is MY name for him. SOMEONE should name that maneuver, too. Tsunami Rush? Mega Force Aquatic? It’s a sacred thing, not just for fun. Everybody needs to know they are loved by the High One… kahuna of the Universe:


I did not name him. No. Joe and Mary did. They had a kid but not because of anything we did. He surfed our sins on an up-board shaped like a cross. They call it… The Cross. Took away the OCEAN of our bad doings. Hallelujah to the Prince of peace.

I am a sheep. That is no bull. I am not a prince like that. I have prints of pieces of knowledge of him… Saved and being saved. Looking forward to… Good things.


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