Manning A Woman

I’m in my forties. Male. I won’t say my race. I’m straight. Always appreciated the appearance of a woman. Even when I was a boy, I like actresses hips, smiles, lips… in real life, friends of my parents who were women were enchanting to me. Their perfume and their ways. Each had different eyes. I don’t know that I would go so far to say I fantasized about THEM spanking me for no reason other than to roleplay, but when I think about them now, well, I can understand how a boy in Junior High could end up, for REAL- getting it on with a horney blonde teacher in her thirties.

A boy is a “man-cub”, so I believe these wacko relationships between teacher and student should never happen, but better THAT than an ancient Roman coitus initiation between father and daughter or mother and son. It happened! And it STILL does. I say fuck that, excuse the pun. Its better to smother a fantasy than to feel so guilty that you shoot yourself in the head. Wanna go deeper into hell? Idiots get caught trying to “mount” horses! NO THOUGHT about the detriment it does to themselves or others or even the animal. That story gets worse. The other guy died. How? Forget it! Probably better he’s dead than to live and laugh about that and be the gardener at your kids school, or one of your factory workers.

Society tells us all about gay, gay, gay, gay. That says NOTHING. Define gay. You like colors, peach smoothies, you wear pink, you kiss, you hold hands, you like art, poems, fireplaces. Sounds civilized. If gay men called themselves “penatratos” for their spearfishing in private places, no marriages for gays would happen. Instead their name is something OTHER than their practice. They do not practice “happiness” as “gay” means. Some are much more honest and describe their state or identity as “love” in the act of two men being naked and having an intercourse (dialog ie) of bodies. This is exactly the way the Bible describes it calling it unnatural love and saying that those who do such thing incur a penalty.

Seeing as how their are penalized people, I think it behooves America to give an unnatural marriage to an unnatural people and not be condemn for it! THAT is a far cry from the gay-bashing murdering of the 1980s. America calls on Jesus? Please! America practiced the Old Testament too much and still does in its war on OTHERS. Now, I’m not pro-gay, but OVER that and more important, I am for the BODY soul and Spirit (as much as God lets me as one man be a rock for others) of those who CALL themselves “GAY”.

To me, there is no darkness in a rainbow… not even to divide cherry color from tangerine. God made the rainbow AND HE IS TAKING IT BACK!! You gays do not own it. That rainbow is for everybody! So instead of casting gay people like in San Francisco to hell, we OTHER people who have been WATCHING you, loving you, praying for you, enjoying you are going to have to “Taste the Rainbow” too. How? Accepting what is, minding our business. And you guys can stop calling us OTHER people “Haters” because it hurts. Some Christians feel martyred by that, don’t you know? And some of you who are gay grew up Christian or do go to church. If you ask me, if 90% of men are straight, then half are lying about things they think, say and feel. Honestly, I think a ton of gay men are braver than me. Not better looking. Well, some are better looking. Just kidding.

As for growing up around women- there is a big key there to avoiding women sexually. Many gay men, not all, have an over-powering mother. Lesbians, too. I’m not here to psychoanalyse, but a man once said in Group Counseling that his mother made him BE with her sexually. And he was gay. He still carried shame in his 40s from participating in incest and was split into a same-sex sexualized being, not the happiest where mutual masturbation is the spirit of the relationship- not literal masturbation but a mirror.

I believe gay sex is inherently a narcissus well-spring, never drinking true water because they don’t want to ruin the mirror. Here is my advice. Ruin your mirror. Be your real self. If you are gay. Don’t stop being gay. Stop acting gay about being gay. Look in a literal mirror instead of your lover’s eyes. What do you see? I would say man, woman… or are you hermaphroditic male or hermaphroditic female, no sex organs at all, sex-change pre or sex-change post?? If you were my niece or nephew, I’d like you. Love? No. Just kidding.

Join my island. Its the fruity rainbow island. I didn’t make it. God did. You are on it. Its “Island Earth”. God want to be your father. Jesus IS your lord, like it or not. Not like Lord Vader, but… well… maybe for some of you if he find you not where you are to be. Thank you for your time!! Thanks for reading this. I won’t answer comments. I know I’m right.

Peach and strawberry hi octane vodka or no, twist of lime, blessings,

Andrew Harrison

Zillionaire, recluse  and author of “Rainbow Tsar: Dare To Be More Than Just Gay” 1974

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