Running With Scissors In A Yarn-spinning Factory


Do you ever dream of being “precisely negative”? Vocalizing things in your own private arena of annihilation? Really? Wow! TMI! Did I just read your thoughts? I certainly hope not. I already took a bath… selling it on E-bay… claw-toe. Ugh.

Here are a few scenarios of “total hopelessness”:


Mad Max uses steel cable to tie your head to the bumper of a Mack Truck. He sets a bomb for 10 minutes. The cable takes TWELVE minutes to cut thru, but your neck only takes five. Wow!


Your wife goes into labor at the zoo. YOU are stuck behind an elephant crammed in the entryway. Luckily there is a trampoline salesman at the wall. Your wife gives birth in the penguin habitat. YOU are confused and watch a seal give birth TWO HABITATS AWAY! There is more, but this it rated G. Rated PG. Okay… rated R! But I still cannot tell you what happened. But you saw it.


Were the Crocodile Hunter and Crocodile Dundee friends? Probably. Have you ever thought of this? Probably not. I’m sorry, but c’mon… C-R-O-C-O-D-I-L-E. Bah! Hopeless.


Winding down to the number one “Hopeless Scenario”, what if the “Happy Days” mom “Marion” and Marge Simpson met? What if they met? What if… they…


You successfully run thru a “yarn-spinning” factory with a GIANT scissors SAFELY, but at the end you realize you are only a spool o

f y

a r


Dang! Well, this is an exercise in futility. Its over forever.

Later, hash-taggers.


Uncle Yuk


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