You feel BAD for cussing. Or you just got in trouble. You PUNK! Why don’t you do a LINE with me??! No! Not of cocaine, you gorilla!! Do a line of…


How? -you ask

no. First ask what it is.

Kuzzin… Is the “cousin”… to



Do you need to F – BOMB?!? Tried the old ones? -like:

Frick frack funk fack fick fock FOG fig fink freck fark ferk FIKE fumble-doo??

Oh they sound so lousy.

The newest cuss words are found in the Facebook garbage cans of groups like Hambone-mutilation mutants, boys on leashes, Dimer-dunk-a-rat and Fred World. Degenerant white boys, 90 lb maximum don’t smoke eat crackers, smoke hair from barbur shop to get high.

THEY are the masters of  kuzzin.

It might be disappointing to here that there is no home brew synthesis for the F BOMB but let’s start with a specific situation…

Let’s say you were demoted at work and want to call you supervisor a


….. ass + h + olé …

(that’s not it.)

(so you HAVE to exclaim something or YOU WILL FEEL PAIN LIKE SOLITARY confinement with your face duck taped to Gene Shallit’s hairy chest.)

Well those chagghanauts start to ramble out some words like

pog gnat!

Butt jar!

cake dump!

(to which the supervisor replies “what?” So you have make an alibi-sound…

what do you say normally?

I need a new car

i want a vacation

I would love to do a BETTER job!!



that last one could actually turn an F word energy into a step in the right direction! How economical.

who really needs to hear this? It’s common sense.







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