How Did Phone Companies Make Money BEFORE Internet Was In The Package Deal?


    Yeah, my freakin’ phone bill is over $200/ month. I use it less than the landline… well I don’t have a landline. The cell has to REPLACE the landline.

    So how did AT&T and Sprint make money? Hmm. OH! I think I just read something:

(Wikipedia. “Psychic Friends Network”)

$3.99/ minute. PER MINUTE!

$100,000,000.00 profit (from services taken on the phone from a ‘prophet’.)


    WHO is the REPLACEMENT prophet to TELL ya the whatsit??

Not WHO… but WHAT.



Collective “consciousness”.

World as one. Pff.

  South American tribe knows this NOT and they shoot monkies and eat and have homes. Exactly.

    I don’t think the web is collectively ANYTHING. Read some of MY writing! The web is the butt of human thought. Its like people are getting high on JENKUM. And we PAY to. Jenkum is vapor, a toxic vapor poor youth in Africa … and now HERE are getting high on. It come from butt product.

If I had a shiny gold button to shut off the internet…

With ONE press…

I would take that button and…


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