Sun Ships, Sun Ships

Is this to be illuminating?

Prepare… to be disappointed…

Sun ships in a fishbowl head

Storing up the trauma we’ll soon regret

Looking thru the pages

Nautilus scroll curvature for years

But this day, all and everything of you

(Blown away)

I once saw

A mother breast feed her child


I was not aroused

It seemed like a coffee table boob of


But you do not say

You do not say,

“Trent’s mommy… I can see your side boob… pimply… Goose-pimpled and half full of muther’s best… Please don’t whip it away and spray us like kittens… I am not smitten for your jiggley canteen of… MILK… Human breast milk is the one perfect food… It helps a fat nipple-schlorping baby go from little baby, into a dude… Maybe president… I hope not.”


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