Titles Of Men

And it came to pass that Lord Jerrod of Panama passed, his funeral pyre was built by his young Tahitian wives and his Brazillian wives and his Chilean wives, and the wife from that Galapagos territory helped too by swatching, threshing and fashioning the twigs, thrashing and binding to makes the pyre seaworthy, bearing the body of the good lord of South America and the whole dang world if you can believe it!

The monks and priests and monkey beasts prepared the body according to the tradition called:


If you translate that you will OFFEND YOURSELF and no one else so no one has done this in many decades and I trust none of my readers will be STUPID enough to trifle with Maya-jabbada mind-melding with sacred monkey bats to FIND OUT. Do not disappoint your mother!

Where was I? Oh yes and Lord Jarrod, whose nick-named was:

“Lemmy Lumchumps”

He had no money at his passing. But there was an inheritance. You see (we will call him Lemmy from here) LEMMY was well-known and a friend to many! He had dominion over all the monkey chumper-champs. This includes, for starters, the Andean Guard of The Royal Enthusiasm in Colombia… 190,000 armed and battle-ready battle-dressed capuchins.

In the sea, all dolphins, whales and mermaids. In the sky, all fowl, bees, gnarlpogs, hidden dragons, zots, furbos, Winchusket dabber-droolers, eagles and the Angel of Potter’s grove.

With each group, Lemmy, the Lord of the Free Wind he had silver and gold whistles and their tone was his pact with beasts and EVEN the beast called “Manwich”. No, sorry… Mankind. My step-sister Hazel is typing as I dictate this. My name is Azazel, a name my father gave me to prevent me from being a monk. But now after many adventures and seeing the World change since Uncle’s passing, WE inherited the keys.

Now in the year 2230, the Age of the Ruby, we thought it best since we in the future DO have it so good, riding HIGH on the nautilus space above you that we wish to SACRIFICE our reality to bring you the peace and livelihood we think you OUGHT to have had. Letter back to 2015. This we stress of most import:

“Though a man have keys and flutes to unleash power of war against the enemies of the Earth and hath him disdain for his accomplishment- then it is NOTHING. It’s is more than nothing to live in darkened thinking dismissing light.

Yet we held the keys and with kindness, forbearance of the enmity of enemies, we made our enemies into friends which destroyed the former and oftentimes if not most, at least in Aslanstan in the desert, it was a good SLAP from a monkey to the FACE that led the dark troops of Nilahnkaaba to surrender. And to ponder the riddle called “Why monkey look human and do a number yet still their archers ADVANCE?”

And we say, the original Isa Von was dismissed and death put upon him. That age goes untouched. He yet lives and extendeth the Crimson Glove offering, that if you love your enemy your beating is not a curse. Though a thousand times in a day you are hit, one man stands. Though on the floor, you stand. Though dead, you stand.

And to the end we labor, now disappearing into fiction forever to let you know whereupon you read this, freedom will forever be yours. The name is the key to command and the command is in honoring charity to the end of making the opposition into a friend, repeating until the end.

And Lopok the Dripplesquire ferret removes his scuffled green longshoreman hat and bows as we disapp











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