How To Go Nuts While Sick And In Pain And Around Too Much Noise

Well everybody else calls the noise “sound” but if you are having TROUBLE becoming upset with all the above circumstance, PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL- You figured it out!! My number is 503.9…

Hey, wait! You are a stalker. No. I’m paranoid.

So if life is sharply and pointedly “lathe-humping” you to death, skinning a thin sheet OFF you every day to KILL you and you don’t mind being “the beach”, just call 503.94…

Hey. Wait. I have it!!! I have learned how to enjoy being a beach! A Mitch! A man bitch-breeder of dogs of war turned on ME. Bloody skinless dobermans from the residence of the evil entity called “The Dark One”…

lies. I never get used to it. Strangely enough, anyone who hates being entitled as ANY type of LOSER yet suffers while refraining from evil reactive BEHAVIOUR is in danger of  just being like that Jesus fellow. Guy, man, dude.

A time ago I was put on a drug by an OLD doctor and it was a 1970s medicine and it tore me a new one. I feared for my psychosomatic reaction to HALDOL as somatics and psychoses ripped thru me. I put myself in some dump where they lock you IN. While there time went S L O W as I had a side effect of burning liquid lava shat acid icky razor burning Jimmy jamming out my SOUTHERN CHIMINEY. Oh funk. Good thing the shower was there. In the shower, putting warm water where it could visit my little chernobyll site, BURNING!!!! there was a bit of rest while STUCK. And I thought of JESUS nailed Nailed NAILED to the cross and thought…

“Is this at all like his suffering?”

It IS if I FORGIVE… In that moment where my Hoho Was lit on fire, burning like Hell, my body was weak. I spoke to God. Because to me, God is all-military with Angels flying higher than our pathetic wars. Holy war? Start with a holy God!

So soldiers bond, take a shat like wolves in a pack and its not friggin funny. They grew up in BOOT IN THE FACE camp. So I talked to heaven AS though invisible.

i was visible

that gives me kings x

Also invisible

That which is not right is perishing self I suppose

When I say King’s X, I mean the

“Final Solution”!!!

oh crap

Not of WWII

BUT for all man

the escape of the children

thru the X

BUT who Remembers Señor Haysoos?

well I hate what  I can be when I am not attitudinally peaceful etc with my neighbor

i actually picture extreme solutions to “me”

And I’m wrong there. What a use of time.

Life is life a box of chocolates. Give it away and you avoid fruit schwipple and cranky nuts.

Blah blah blah

BLAH blah blah


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