CATS VS FLOWERS (written in Zaeurisch)

I, uhhh... drew this in my spare time. You see, in the magical garden of evil flowers, there is HATE in the soil. And the flowers want to EAT cats.      This one got nipped. So he learned his lesson about the garden of evil flowers. I do not think there is one flower THERE who is nice at all.

Niiiii… Guli oiu ban tighuc xu, sai guilfin. Moerti flaurgh nom “Grizchleh” e nom nom geh poodins!

Aish un tilo da nom nom, Foerchist parkum da cpis. Moy gren poodins? Aen!! Guhulipostre den fi e ren u dirfins. Fuit hu pioprichus e lilobake fu ni Drac Floery:

“Nom nom nom

Guh egome som

Fursch chramsin

Bathem ao Poodin!”

Igh!! Comitambiable! Gup ni vello e cias laschni po laschni…


E dêtu nom nom? Wipi fi POODINS waka dah karfuli ano Che asalir a der gatoschloss.



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