Consolation Gone Wrong!

The mighty nation of Sheepkins (4 million sheep strong) attacked New Dogland. They attacked their capital city of “BowWowWow”. An ambassador from Catslamasbad was sent over with a speech to console Primerib Minister Dog-mark Von Woof.

Unfortunately the speechwriter from Catslamasbad is secretly an anti-Canine-ite caterrorist! The remainder of the dog population looked on (I’m going to borrow Gary Larson’s illustration style. Uh huh. There!) And as the ambassador spoke, Dog-mark grinned and said, “What are you SAYING???” between his teeth.

The Ambassador said:

“We cats share your PAIN! Your loss is our loss too. In other words, forget those SHEEP. Let us talk about EWE!

Ewe smell. And they might stink. But EWE REALLY SMELL LIKE POO. Ewe get poo on the body and it’s like ewe carry it like a badge of honor…”

Well, Dog-Mark was rather smart. A Rhodesian hound, seven years old. Most of the dog’s in the assembly were too busy sniffing each others butts to catch on until three hours went by. The speech was on a LOOP, you see, and Crap-box… That is the name of the Ambassador of Catslamasbad- he was a cross-eyed cat with one eye. His eye was PUT OUT for lusting in public. Neutered with a… Oh nevermind. A catnip addict. He’ll do anything.

Well he was eaten. That triggered a bomb that the CAT group sewed into him last night. The bomb destroyed the rest and the sheep formed a light alliance with the cats. One overheard the poop joke and that sheep cried because he was told he got the Purple Heart and all it was was a brown ball of shut from his own ass tube.

the end

Ps if you like this story, you must be in jr. High. It’s a trap!! HahahahH


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