How To Move Your Things Fast

“How to move your things really fast” applies to:

Moving out of an enormous mansion

Moving things out of one room into storage

Moving “junk” out of an ugly room to make it look presentable FAST…

and ALL these are possible using what I will call “spoon” and “fork”

spoon = blue IKEA bags (59¢/bag) holds 25 gallons! ( H2O not recommended)

fork = box (if you want excellent boxes, liquor stores have small boxes)

I worked at UPS 4 years. In that time I handled around 750,000 and learned how to condense a living room into 5% the space. It is done thru perfectionism. Perfect takes practice.

So you do not have to be perfect to move fast. Fill IKEA bags (my last move I used 80 bags. It was unreal to the new neighbors. Idiots! Just kidding.)

You just put stuff OUT OF ORDER into the boxes. Chances are GREAT thT it’s good enough. Put all non breakables in boxes or BAGS. Don’t throw or drop the bags. You could have a computer monitor.*

*this method requires YOUR mindfulness and care and don’t let idiots handle your shit. This isn’t about the whole gang helping like in 1955. This is 2015 and nobody gives a shit about you anymore. Not even the PAID help.

Command respect or do it yourself. I was really careful. We moved fast. Then you vacuum the old place, paint over where you punched a hole, wash the windows…

Actually I don’t care if this helps any of you. People always Mark boxes. BLAH blah blahhh! Just MOVE your shit. Do it. Get it over with. Moving SUUUUCKS.

Also if you are hiding shit, you can throw it all into boxes and throw a nice designed blanket OVER it. It’s a table! Yay. If company complains, put them in a full Nelson and have your wife kick their butt. Together! It’s you Vs. The world.

move FAST!!!



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