Zero Zone: Cell Phone Control In The Family

The Zero Zone is a cell-phone free area. Zero means “no phone in hand” and zero is not really a number if you research the Old World. Zero I use to inherently Represent return to harmony and happiness by:

“Zzzzzzz”. Put the phones to bed.

The way this works is that DAD brings down the hammer and makes the house cell-free. For a time. Mom and Dad collect the phones to a charging area. Of course they blow the whole thing if they use THEIR phone.

The funny thing is that the iPad is exempt. This is about the sneaky HUMAN tendency to use a cell in 20 second intervals. It’s not healthy for the mind. It pisses people off to talk to a cell-head and get this response:

“Uh……. Just a second……………………….. (Tap, click, swish)……………….. (sliiiide, tap)….. And, uh sorry, what was that, Dad?”

you start to ask your question, then-

“oh hey DAD!! Check out this plane crash on YouTube!!”

You wish slapping the boy was legal. No, you hate technology………

no… you just don’t know it addiction… because you all do it. You ALL do.

so you can make a THREE HOUR TOUR of reality by MANDATING IT.

sounds sucky?

When was the last time you laid down the law and enjoyed it? Ha! You cannot have virtual kicks! This is IRL.

Gauge what is realistic… don’t worry if it does not work. It WILL if you use your head.

This is how to restore “Family Time” at dinner like we all had in the 1980s. Go BACK in time… these new trends are bull.

may the force shine on you

Make the most of it

if you have no kids, you are allowed to do this too.


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