No Song Sung For Jesu

orange light in a clear sky

sun to go away tonight

light to fade into night

count the Golgathan trees

they are a witness

christ jesus leads holy mass

seated on wood crossed

agonies upon him

no song for this

what does he look for?

look forward to death?

is he confused?

is he afraid?

is he angry?

how does it hurt?

are his thoughts many or singular?

as he is pierced does he feel the sting?

does the indignity burn?

hands that healed are maligned

feet that walked him about are gouged

the crown of his head bears thorns

these insults are receive to make a king

rudimentary throne of crossed wood

hands pinned oped to say, “come in”

millinea later, the faithful imagine it

to go back in time, imagining it

how is such brutality possible?

the PEOPLE were immediately held

held accountable

but many think that its wonderful

wonderful to have halloween & xmas

both together

the only way it makes sense to me

it makes sense in the resurrection

and still people mention reincarnation

probably to get new parents?

didn’t work for them

jesus is everlasting father

how can it be?

what does jesus look like now?

i hope he looks like pai mei

pai mei from the kill bill movie

stern, severe, teaching


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