Why Limit Reality?

Somewhere around chapter 10 of revelation, it is written that there is a multitude- they cannot be counted.

They all called God God.

All of them called the Savior “The Lamb”.

They cannot be counted.

god’s love cannot be limited

(I meant to capitalize god there… Spell correct… Sheesh)

also I believe it says about the end that The believer has this task, I don’t know what book:

“let him who is righteous be righteous still… Let him who is unrighteous the unrighteous still”

if you believe in the God of peace and justice AND MERCY, and these dog days are dogging you, why not do what the Psalmist says:

“Be still and know… ”

we had a break-in into our apartment complex. The only News that made it to the paper

I’m sitting outside watching the door


I have PTSD …

maybe I don’t tonight

“what would I do if…

“what would I do if…

still still

what would I do

still still



is everywhere


Man I am liking this swisher sweet c-gar

still still still


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