I can do anything. I will live forever.

it’s the last thing I want to do

it happens anyway


I remember some old verse

some old man said the same thing

concerning trying to be good enough

i’m not worried about Isis

i’m not worried about Jihaad

I took a pledge in water

baptized not before man

baptized by fire before the seat

of Adonai

He is riding with me somehow

maybe he treats me like he doesn’t care

my greatest dream is to be part

Part of the Whitehorse

. . . . . 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 . . . . .

He is the Creator deity’s real son

i am won

If I do what I hate

isn’t there a single thing I can change?

if I do what I hate

it means the law is great

and I carry a dead man on my back

stamped or branded “was me”

as it is

It is no longer I

but send dwells in me who does these things

Jesus became sin

Think about those two things together

what is in the mystery in that?

is no longer I who sins

But sin living in me

I can let go

I can let go

Who will watch Him remake me?


is ugly, do you ALL not know ? ?

To have lived my life

now when I feel bad

i have often yelled things at my wife

and neighbors here…

sure I’m really sick…

Hurts when I yell

it feels like no one needs me anymore

Shame presses down…

Suggesting I use the exit door

but this is the exit

Jesus taking a shit

out of me

with all due respect to him!!

that is exactly what he’s doing!!

my shit my fault

my shit my fault

sometimes I get confused and think I am the shit

he is in the shit neck deep with me

Who will rescue me

thanks to Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord


my first rose

my first blood

there is glory to say that I helped kill him with those centurions

not my glory

I used to drive drunk. If YOU lived in my town who is not acting like I cared whether YOU lived or died

And to me, you are him

so I am addressing him when I blog

“Lord, are you out there?”

he is IN YOU.

Pay it forward?

Paid it up, down…. All around, paid it, christian, and Backwards pig it out, pay it out. Believer, Man of peace, Woman of peace- Pay as much as he gave you to pay. You get one life to define your eternal glory!

so I just said how I can be like a POS

and that’s as a man of peace, A.k.a. believer. I’m judged more strictly and I could endure another duty-tour a lot more than most people out there.

In fact I challenge you to find a Christian with less blame to him, more righteous than me. One more thing I’m not judging every time I get myself kicked in the teeth.

my name is Harrison and I carry a dead Andy

Andy? Yes. “and he walks with me, and he talks with me……..”

I have Jesus living in me.

five finger discount – he snatched me out of the devil’s hand. No one can take me out of his. He enables me to get through my sin and Powers me up to chill out and tell truth.

I dare you to find a Christian that is stronger than me. I’ve reached for answers, researched all the most painful ways I can die against my will. If one day some evil religion captures me to execute me…… I will run like I did before!!!!

Ha ha Ha ha ha

But really what people do to you? I think being put in collections with American debt collectors is a form of torture worse than being shot to death. Think of the neuropathy!

see I told you I was awesome

You may say to yourself that I have write crazy profane stuff and I swear.

well that’s just me

If you only knew what it feels like to be me you wouldn’t want to. I feel like the afterburners of God’s jets are inside of me sometimes.

so what do people want and need

i’m here for Americans

specifically lower 48

more specifically, West Coast

I don’t want to love the whole world

how can anybody do that?

I truly apologize if I have actually offended anyone by what I write and how I write.

No one is commenting on anything I say anyway

it blows me away. You guys either think that I am really awesome or my blog is not going out

I want to give Oscar my reader of the month award for January. I don’t want to give him an Oscar. He Already has one. In the mirror.

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