Back In The Days Of King Saul

Back in The days of King Saul, nobody read anything except for the Bible… Of course there was no New Testament yet. The promise was on the racks that there would be more. And the world was black and white. Except for one rainbow. Nevermind that.

Of course there were not book racks. Everyone had an iPad made by a sorcerer, but I suppose you could say it’s okay that they read the Bible that way… But later they died and went to hell. So I guess it’s not okay. And Noah’s Ark was not shaped like a 450ft barge… It was a stupid little ship with a giraffe popping its head out. That giraffe got ptsd from watching all the drownings.

The end. Just kidding.

Back in the days of King Saul, he committed suicide, and he died, and we all know he went straight to hell. For suicide.

Actually truthfully he was killed by a guy who was his coworker and stuff! So he killed King Saul did not have the privilege of the Spirit, who was participating in necromancy, and he went to hell for that, and his armor bearer went to hell after he was killed. So both of them went to hell.

They didn’t go to just any kind of hell. It was super hot. And while Saul was still alive, he felt like he was in HELL. And Adam and Eve were not there in HELL by default. Some animals are.

When I was 13, I went to church camp. I was on the bus from Portland, OR to Etna California. I was imaginative. I was also taught HERE and THERE by women on how God speaks. I was taught I could pray in my head.

(if you are in the habit of doing this… Stop. Stop forever. You can end up thinking God is speaking and even suggesting martyrdom and suicide. The only reason I admit it NOW that I had a problem is because I can blame Asperger The Devil.)

So I thought God asked me if I would go to hell for him when I died. Stupefied that there was not a nicer mission, I thought a prayer:

“Yy y- Yesss?”



Everything above the dotted line is GARBAGE… A waste of years of my life. Two years later I was molested. That WAS real. Not I as in myself NOW. I died that day. I went into a hell. I had a premonition of an evil so foul on the bus that I was given no vision of IT. Everything above the dotted line was how I saw God BEFORE this death. Everyone was going to hell. It’s the way it was preached, mentoring by women for a boy. Weird! I had even teachers at school hit on me. Better than a huge stinking dude, but I want recompense. From my God. Not angry. It MUST happen. It’s his way.

I did God a good turn. I did not curse him. I guess. My BEHAVIOUR may say otherwise. I was wild. Multiple attempts made to screw up my brain! Why don’t adults, especially “Christian” by name, leave kid’s effing TOOL BOX AND ASS ALONE? It was not the crime that convinced me of God. It was what God’s Bible says, and REAL spiritual phenomena that would make a priest of Heliopolis drop. 10 years ago I sat up and was softly blinded by an interdimensional star. The sun. A metaphysical sun. It was amazing, a little scary. In Earth seconds, could have been a minute or an hour. “God” is not the FIRST NAME of the almighty. Glory is the word like an imperishable star. How’d I see that?

I guess you do when you are trashed on, avoid illicit drugs, drunkeness, immorality. I was feeling still a lack of belonging. Oftentimes, when some say “God” it means Satan. But God as in YHWH father of Jesus, El Shaddai, perfect… Holy… Well, people who study the face of Jesus Christ do not try to put deity in a bag. I think CS Lewis had a point- there is no inner sanctum on Earth.

So I share this garbage to see if anyone else has garbage thoughts about the Creator like he is putting most people in HELL. bible says he is patient…


especially not children, right?

if you believe God sends children to hell, GET THE FLUNK OFF MY BLOG

cookies and juice for all else

IF ANYONE HATES CHRISTIANS, Get the… Uh… Get right with God and pray for those people. I come from a cult-minded area of the USA called the Pacific NW




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