Drop Kick

There was a woman. Nice start! She had a mother-in-law. A husband too. Well, the MIL became altogether disinterested in her daughter-in-law. Whatever the issue was, it all pointed back to the MIL who would only communicate with her son… and how was he to say she was destroying the bridge?

Not only between this couple, but other siblings, an aunt who would probably never admit it. But in taking out the bridge to Fiona.. heh heh… that’s her name… she set up Fiona’s husband for the worst collapse of familial bridge PLUS misunderstanding EVER.

And by constantly being critical of Fiona, the husband heard the words “she’s a liar” which led to his suicide. As he readied the method of suicide, his despair turned to fury. Calm fury. Fiona was no liar. The death would destroy her.


Anyone who slanders others runs the risk of being an accomplice to the darkness. While God may forgive, there will always be a high price to pay for oppressors as long as we are mortal. This is not a safe place. Another name for “suicidal” is “dismissed” and “rejected” and “kill-target”.

How many of my readers feel they have been murdered or beaten WITHOUT BEING TOUCHED? ITs not a ghost or spiritual. Not really. Its vampiristic and psychic. Mind games. Getting away from others SEEMS safer.

Now to those who say, “Yeah great I feel murdered. Thanks.” Well, do you still pick up the phone?

Do you take Facebook vacations?

Do you not like the phone ringing? That is electrical. That’s psychic. The psyche of the brain can be harmed by sound waves the brain dislikes. The brain is not stupid. If you don’t feel safe, never pick up again. Unless you are in a cult and don’t get internet- in that case, “woogy boogie woogie!” You can’t hear me in your cultic mansion-teepee-temple.

The rest have no valid claim to being a loser or lost to your blood family of psychic vampires. So what will you do to stay free? Sucks, huh? I could say THIS to any BODY. Anybody. If it stings, KEEP this post, copy it, keep it, read it again. I’m a weak person but a stronger writer. I get to feeling self-preservation instead of sadness. I was looking up suicide stats like David Duchovny USED TO be drawn to special pictures. I’d rather blame others and judge them than feel I ought to die.

I have no idea how expensive this VIDA LOCA cruise is on Earth, but I am not here for entertainment or as an experiment.

People have no clue how expensive this life is. Some ought to pray to find out not how to “make it” through but to pray to see how much havok and pain they cause. Those won’t suicide themselves. They aren’t at risk.

Life is expensive. Payback, karma, Grace, blood-in blood-out. You die to leave this life. Why execute others psychicly?


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