Rubber tree Productions: Attn.: Kevin Dinino

I have made about 3000 posts now. Don’t be so excited. This post is about something really super important… The home theater experience.

Have you ever watched video – and this is not your fault – the movie goes up and down the volume?

Up and down… Up-and-down… Bend over for the control, adjust the volume, put the remote down, wait… Watch the movie… Gain a false sense of relaxation… Wham! LOUD AGAIN… Boop! E x t r a q u i e t t t t …

“Wow I have an idea,” thought me. I have Asperger’s and I’m going to throw out some ass burgers… Ha ha Ha ha ha Ha ha ha Ha ha ha Ha ha ha Ha ha ha Ha ha ha Ha ha ha Ha ha ha… zip.

I emailed Rubber Tree productions. Mmm… I wasn’t satisfied.

I have to make a difference?

Well maybe I’m just a little crazy.

I am an expert at navigating to the person of interest in the business. I’ve contacted Anheuser bush, Kool-Aid, my local town hall… you know the people actually get back to you??

Yeah so this is my attempt to change things in whole video DVD quality. But only in America, and by America I mean the Americas from Canada all the way down past Panama past all the cocaine fields down to where the Penguins are… But I don’t care about video quality and Europe. They can bite me. I don’t care about video quality in China. Reds. Just kidding but calm unism sucks.

This is how we researched this. We put our best writer on the job. After he watched the movie three geezers, he was upset. I thought I should ask Harrison what he was upset about. “The volume goes up and down,” he said. “I feel like my home theater is violated.”

“So why are you not writing them and telling them?”, I said to myself since i’m Harrison.

I looked up the List of executives of Rubber Tree Productions. I went from the back of my DVD to looking at the names for executives in about 60 seconds. Well I wrote my general comment first… But the cause of master mixing hundreds of thousands of copies of movies and doing it well is a public interest issue it’s an economic issue is an entertainment issue it’s a religious issue… Well maybe not religious but some people watch TV as if it was the only religion.

I picked the fourth executive because in general the executives who are the most busy and most famous will be listed first, right? And so I picked the fourth.

I pick the fourth and the fourth was Kevin. Dinino. I don’t know how famous Kevin is, but I asked if he wouldn’t mind reading about my small time blogs “attack” on the quality of their video. I called it “free advertising”. Like rubber tree needs that. His number was really hard to find no it’s not yes it is no it’s not but by the time I found it and I dialed it and realize how easy it was to leave a message I thought, “Man… I really hope I’m not wasting the skies time he seems really busy.”

But I figure if it’s not meant to be and he just hates the race that’s his prerogative he can recognize a fake mile away 10 miles away I’m not a fake… But i’m not that important either in the world of this part of the business of whatever but the point is it’s very American to exercise your right to communicate and see what you want until the police asked you to stop calling somebody. Just kidding.

The chances are if you go fishing like I sometimes do what you’ll be doing is you will be calling and/or communicating with an organization once and only once and make it count. Don’t offend. I think the best that I have gotten so far is Skywalker Ranch returned my communication… U.S. Senators John McCain staff called me back. Not offended. I had resourced some info about North Korea and given my state senator a tri-point gravitational tip about Kim family psychology. He called me back and welcomed more calls.

I might as well be blind. I cannot differentiate between when a call is received well or not. I just know it’s better than just calling up Jamm-O Tire Company and saying fuck you like a Jr. Higher and hanging up. Before I got really sick, not many people know I applied myself to be a CIA OSS officer. That is lingual extrapolation and translation iow the US listens to radio and maybe a racially Korean woman speaks

Finnish, Russian, Polish…

and she hears a Russian accent in a Finnish sentence… nuances… They make clues.

well I can’t look for “important” stuff like a spy. So I’m ill and what do you do when you are disabled. Yes! Create a market.

I critique consumer products in America. I can use all my skills at once. I never get into a disagreement. I always strive to reach a common interest. I can’t remember how much money I’ve been making doing this. Some of it is beyond money because it establishes ties that I will never know the value of weather in the family or the fabric of government at a low level. I don’t like talking to the police but I have a blue light on my porch,

So I want to ask something of mine he hundred and 60 million subscribers… if movies that have the volume going up-and-down BOTHER YOU, Google:

Rubber Tree Productions

And comment to them about it and say some blogger you listen to sometimes brought up the product issue of the sound quality on DVDs

it’s over all the DVDs out there not just the Rubber Tree company

if you want to make a difference, do that

I started the groove

so what?

if no one follows up it’s a waste of time but I have this little bit of faith

people don’t talk about Faith being useful. If it’s not then it sucks.

///// 2015

Mr. Dinino- best of luck to you,


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