Decades Later…

“Black Sabbath”… That’s RACIST!


I like to go up… To the AMC church on MY black sabbath…… where they have chicken wings and drum sticks…

and SWEET POTATO PIE, you crackers!

speaking of CRACKERS, nice communion feast White People!!-

Broken saltines

Watered down Welches


Give me a BLACK mama ANY day!!


Jesus was a man of color…

Blacken my sabbath… Or die.

just kidding.

Yes but some churches smell like coffee. And now they SELL IT!!

in the lord’s temple yard!

selling sacrifices to Starbuck!!

mochachinopoopoo, please?




dont trust my smile

im white

Don’t trust my smile

Don’t trust me

Don’t beat my hen house

glory!!! Glory!!! Glory!!!


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