If You Marry The Right Woman

you will not be ending the relationship in a ceremony for a guy whose nutter butter was stolen by a mega WENCH who comes up with A CRUEL and Unusual punishment:

start from two opposite ends of the Great Wall of China. Meet. Stare at each other. Shake hands goodbye.

That is a real WOMAN. You’ve seen her. Marina Abramovic, performer extraordinaire. Mentor to Lady Gaga. Urban legend has it that GAGA did her “Abramovich Method” (On YouTube) based on the whim of Marina PRETENDING to be her friend. Aw! Is that mean?

If you pretend, and MARINA felt bad and I guess TOLD GAGA… That would be the most sincere.

It would be the most sincere thing…

In 1974, Marina did a performance as a woman with a totally-conditioned body. Do you know that?

Do you know what is meant by conditioned? Omigosh please hear this!-


In Kung Fu, one may do conditioning to prepare for ABUSE in the world. If I was YOUR instructor, I would impress your mind but beat you in aggregate with KICKS to the shin. If you are my student, you will trust me. I Will MAKE You…

So Marina is weird. But she’s a person. She has been a practicing Satanist.


Maybe. Check this out. Her parents put a 10 pm curfew on her. Whatever happened in her home was beyond belief. Can you believe she did shows into her 20s? Her show were of her and her bleeding. That was her “ability”.

Submission to abuse leading to death- is that a sin? JESUS did it. Is that a problem?

In 1972, Marina stripped herself naked. I think in Europe. On a table for all guests/ viewers there were items. Food for sensuality like, oh IDK, whip cream and then one scalple and one gun and one bullet.

She froze. She was not going to move, is was “art”. It mocks CHRIST. Literally. But she played her own Pontius Pilate and centurions… is it total dedication to JESUS by submission or anti-CHRIST? Who could say.

But if anyone knows that state of mind in being frozen as Jesus VISITED to the death, it might be Abramovic! One of those pervo audience people put that bullet in the gun… Pointed it at her HEAD. Suicidal? I say YES. SHE put the right bullet and the right gun out and the pact was “Do anything”. Do what thou wilt is a Satanic “command”. It’s command number one. It brings out sincerity. So when I say satanic I do not mean satan. Satan is “author of lies”. Lies are a mess. So there was a lie over Marina. The devil meant her to die. Use her, dispose of her as evil wishes for ALL.

Where is she now? I dunno. I hear she is brilliant. I bet both her and her husband ACTED like they walked 1500 km toward eachother. They probably both took a rickshaw and got out at 1490km mark.

I don’t know. Marina is rather fit.


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