Vox En Vivo

“Actualized voice”… This means for better or WORSE the person with “Vox en vivo” CONTROLS his audience, cleaving to vernacular words that either make them endearing or irresistible. I don’t want to say in history who has had this kind of voice because some of the best have been some of the worse.

yes some of the most influential writing, speechwriting has been used for some of the most diabolical purposes…

Molding peoples brains…


It’s me… I’m one of them… Look at my writings… you have your beast, your hokey-joking prophet… Verbalizing dismantling- christ??


(author run screaming down the hallway smashing pictures, throwing books sticking pencils and carrots and potatoes with deadly stabbing maneuvers… Snacks into a wall… KO!!)

Okay I’m back!

I had to do the antichrist test. Where was I? Oh yes…

An example of Vox in vivo:

A Puerto Rico is more than American…

So… a person says they’re from Puerto Rico, born in Puerto Rico… Somebody from Texas says they are not AMERICAN then. Puerto Rican says I am an American citizen. The Texan laughs and says, “Yeah right.”

So “freeze”. If you have ASD or are like me- you can break each sentence down and SEE that neither the Tex or the Rico is a liar because “American” is a switcheroo word. To a Texan, America is “lower 48” plus “Hawaii & Alaska” plus “the other land”, and what % know that PR has NEARED becoming a state? It is USA soil.

In the interest of PR future, Puerto Rico: fight to be annexed INTO Texas. It would boost economy and border security (maybe not but if the USA fails, ever- Texas will not. Texas will not, they will outlive the USA. Do you think they do not think about it? Cmon! Look at them. The biggest tag-a-long ever!



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