Idol Next Level

An idol is like a star musician you pledge your heart to. You forget they are human and kick out twos. Silly you. Foolish you.

How about idols one step further? “Avatar-loves”… Each one is a hue of the One Light… Hmm? Oh you women and your Chris Issac addictions! You should understand.

So I can see across the lot below… Up in another apartment. Yeah, the woman is pointing to a big map of the world. And this dude in all black is whapping her butt with a YARD stick. Huh. No just kidding. Wait! The yardstick is between her knees… Going higher… Boop! Snagged the hem of her cotton skirt and MAN did SHE jump.

Whoop, better put out this cigar. They turned this way. I feel Virtigo… I know too much…


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