“Christianity” TODAY Is A Word For Anythingism, Nihilism & Apathy in the name of Jesus Christ

So since 1992 to NOW in 2015, the number of subgroups and denominations who wave a “Christian” flag or claim salvation in a person:

Name: “JESUS”

And the number of religions that disagree with eachother is probably over 1000.

I watched a documentary on You-Tube where a woman is a special kind of actress. She calls JESUS her lord. She is in a group of actors that schedule having sex and film it and mandatorily are STD tested. That is like 25% of the American populous (80 million) so THEY are not being filmed. Usually. Idk.

Yeah, Idk, because extreme Living happens in times called times and ends eventually by choice or death. These are usually a PHASE for human beings.

She got the right name.

Who she is, idk.

The rest… They dump on her. 99%, so I hold out to see (maybe NOT SEE haha) what she DOES now. The creator is not easily mocked… PARDON ME- not MOCKED AT ALL… Nor does he forget his girl creation.



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