Question About Dying

A college had some people with doctorates and guest speaker. The topic was death and dying. So the first question was about whether or not people should be worried that most people die in a hospital when it might be nicer to die at home.

Seems like a valid interest, but either way you die, so it’s really a question about what medical people can do. The guest speaker said it was a silly question. Well the doctor took FOREVER to ask the question and it must have been lost what was important. Idk. The speaker was Tony Llama, so I nickname Salvadore Dali “Tony” because he was kinda Mafía about it… Like Don Corleone.. “This.. Is a silly question…”. I’m just glad it wasn’t Al Sharpton.

He’s with the… he’s with.. With the… STUCK


introduce them to a holding cell call it an apartment and give them a computer with a game like grand theft auto where they control a virtual perpatrator etc with extensive programming etc… in order to “EMDR out” (not learn to love young humans more). Record it as this also is their wish to be seen, caught.)

I’ve taken note that the desensitization to violence thru Internet has been A REALITY CHECK for all the filthy movies etc. Also, people have made “porno” for 100 years via camera and with the Internet it spilled out like Judas intestines… None of us witnessed THAT EITHER… an exposure of unreality is what porno on Internet is. Only as much as you click does it appear.

For one generation the overkill causes cessation of computer use. Another generation watches BJs with breakfast like it’s inspiring and with headphones and mom is in the kitchen saying “got your lunch” right as “Rico” misses the goal post and Tina fakes a Hallelujah and Timmy says “thanks mom”. Sound grim? Shaddup and siddown for a sec. This is HOW it is. The next generation are going to be dissociative in a NEW way, laughing at videos about animals mounting Each other… and it’s purer and healthier too.

Back to the prisoner. If with a virtual program, the urge to commit crime can be decloaked through exhausting their inevitable mental drive to seek “violating sex” thru a NON INTERNET computer… they might do at age 30, 40, 50 what kids do at ten which is be a better kind of bad if that makes sense. Studies show that after VIDEO GAMES emerged, SHOT ACCURACY IN WAR went up about 5000%. In WWI AND WWII, soldiers were BRAVER but HIT less often.

I’d cite, but I forget. Google it.

Also, instead of a virtual game like I FIRST suggested… For sex offenders… Molesters… I’d urge mandatory ASMR.